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Banking on Tomorrow
"tomorrow is promised to no one"
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bleeding heart....

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Carol H Tucker

Passionate about knowledge management and organizational development, expert in loan servicing, virtual world denizen and community facilitator, and a DISNEY fan

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beladona Memorial

Be warned:in this very rich environment where you can immerse yourself so completely, your emotions will become engaged -- and not everyone is cognizant of that. Among the many excellent features of SL, there is no auto-return on hearts, so be wary of where your's wanders...

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spring is sprung

Today is the 5th day of the 12th week, the 19th day of the 3rd month, the 79th day of 2020 [with only 280 shopping days until Christmas], and: 
  • Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
  • Certified Nurses Day
  • Client's Day
  • Companies That Care Day
  • Data Innovation Day:
  • Great American Meatout Day
  • International Astrology Day
  • International Day of Nowruz
  • International Earth Day
  • Let's Laugh Day
  • National Chocolate Caramel Day
  • National Farm Rescuer Day
  • National Poultry Day
  • Oranges and Lemons Day
  • Ostara ((or Mabon in the southern hemisphere))
  • Proposal Day
  • Snowman Burning
  • St Joseph's Day (Roman Catholicism and Anglican Communion) and Father's Day (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Honduras, and Bolivia)
  • Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day
  • The First Day of Spring (Vernal Equinox) at 11:49 PM EDT
  • World Storytelling Day
  • Earliest day on which Maundy Thursday can fall, while April 22 is the latest; celebrated on Thursday before Easter.

1687 – Explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle, searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River, is murdered by his own men.

1895 – Auguste and Louis Lumière record their first footage using their newly patented cinematograph.

1915 - Pluto photographed for 1st time (although unknown at the time)

1918 – The US Congress establishes time zones and approves daylight saving time.

1928 - "Amos & Andy" debuts on radio (NBC Blue Network-WMAQ Chicago)

1937 - Astronomer Fritz Zwicky publishes his research on stellar explosion in which he coins the term "supernova" and hypothesizes that they were the origin of cosmic rays

1951 - Herman Wouk's novel "The Caine Mutiny" published (Pulitzer Prize 1952)

1962 – Bob Dylan releases his first album, Bob Dylan, for Columbia Records.

1964 - Sean Connery's 1st day of shooting on James Bond film "Goldfinger"

1965 - The wreck of the SS Georgiana, valued at over $50,000,000, said to have been most powerful Confederate cruiser, discovered by then teenage diver and pioneer underwater archaeologist E. Lee Spence exactly 102 years after its destruction.

1977 - France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll

1981 - two workers killed in space shuttle Columbia accident

2001 - The Bank of Japan issued a monetary policy known as quantitative easing, which stimulated the Japanese economy after the burst of the dot-com bubble.

2008 – GRB 080319B: A cosmic burst that is the farthest object visible to the naked eye is briefly observed.

2013 - NASA's Mars rover Curiosity discovers further evidence of water-bearing minerals

2018 – The last male northern white rhinoceros, Sudan, dies, ensuring a chance of extinction for the species.

2019 - "Superbloom" of poppies in Walker Canyon, southern California visible from space, after high rainfall


Quote of the day:

Winter is nearly gone. Time flows on to a spring of little hope.”

~  JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings | The Fellowship of the Ring (Book 2, Chapter 9) : The Great River




Despite the pandemic, or the fact that it hasn’t been much of a winter hereabouts, it is officially spring
Permalink | Thursday, March 19, 2020