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Banking on Tomorrow
"tomorrow is promised to no one"
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bleeding heart....

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Carol H Tucker

Passionate about knowledge management and organizational development, expert in loan servicing, virtual world denizen and community facilitator, and a DISNEY fan

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beladona Memorial

Be warned:in this very rich environment where you can immerse yourself so completely, your emotions will become engaged -- and not everyone is cognizant of that. Among the many excellent features of SL, there is no auto-return on hearts, so be wary of where your's wanders...

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putting TGIF in perspective

Today is the 6th day of the 42nd week, the 18th day of the 10th month, the 291st day of 2019, and: 
  • Air Force Birthday
  • Chiropractic Founders Day
  • Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day
  • Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day
  • International Day Against DRM
  • International Legging Day
  • National Ceiling Fan Day
  • National Cheeseburger Day
  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • National Exascale Day
  • National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
  • National Mammography Day
  • National No Beard Day
  • National Rehabilitation Day
  • National Respect Day
  • National School Backpack Awareness Day
  • World Menopause Day
  • World Student Day
  • World Water Monitoring Day

1767 - Mason Dixon line, the boundary between Maryland & Pennsylvania agreed upon

1776 - In a bar decorated with bird tail in Elmsford, New York, a customer requests a glassful of “those cock tails” from bartender Betsy Flanagan

1867 - Alaska Purchase: US takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia, having paid $7.2 million

1878 - Edison makes electricity available for household use

1892 - the first commercial long-distance phone line opens (Chicago-NY)

1951 - USSR performs nuclear test

1952 - Date of the first Mad Magazine issue

1961 - "West Side Story", directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, the film adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical, starring Natalie Wood, is released (Academy Awards Best Picture 1962)

1962 - US launches Ranger 5 for lunar impact; misses Moon

1962 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island

1967 - Walt Disney's "Jungle Book" film is released

1969 - Soyuz 8 returns to Earth

1975 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR

1979 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR

1979 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR

1984 - Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 51A mission

1984 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR

1988 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR

1989 - US 62nd manned space mission STS 34 (Atlantis 5) launches into orbit

1991 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

1993 - STS-58 (Columbia) launches into orbit

Writing prompt of the day:
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

How do you celebrate?  My first instinct would be to make a loud, joyous exclamation and maybe break into a dance.  And then I would give thanks – nothing formal like a real prayer, just a shouted THANK YOU into the aether.  If there were folks around me [such as at work], I’d be telling them.  If I was home alone, I would pick up the phone and call on of my two close friends and babble at them.  I would text my son and my daughter – and follow up with a phone call if they were available.  Then I would post on social media. 

Now what would qualify as “incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news “?  Something wonderful happening for someone that I love.  Finding out that I am 100% hale and hearty.  Hearing “I love you” from someone I love.  Winning the lottery.  

Or after you get the good news, do you wait for the other shoe to drop?


Like when you know you’ll pay for a three day weekend with a four day week that feels much longer than the normal five day work week?
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