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Banking on Tomorrow
"tomorrow is promised to no one"
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bleeding heart....

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Carol H Tucker

Passionate about knowledge management and organizational development, expert in loan servicing, virtual world denizen and community facilitator, and a DISNEY fan

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Be warned:in this very rich environment where you can immerse yourself so completely, your emotions will become engaged -- and not everyone is cognizant of that. Among the many excellent features of SL, there is no auto-return on hearts, so be wary of where your's wanders...

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Today is the 3rd day of the 11th week, the 10th day of the 3rd month, the 70th day of 2020, and: 
  • Festival of Life in the Cracks Day
  • Histotechnology Professionals Day
  • Holi
  • International Bagpipes Day
  • International Day of Awesomeness
  • Landline Telephone Day
  • Mario Day
  • National Blueberry Popover Day
  • National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • Organize your Home Office Day
  • Pack Your Lunch Day
  • Salvation Army Day
  • US Paper Money Day

So we received our notice from HR about the virus.  Here are the salient points to take note of if you are 65 or over ((NOTE:  the CDC and the State of MD said 60)): 
  • Stay home if you have a fever, sore throat, achiness and/or cold symptoms ((and this during the start of allergy season))
  • If you have plans for personal travel, notify HR if you are going anywhere under any travel advisory
  • If you have plans for business travel, consider cancelling
  • If you  or an immediate family member are quarantined, you have to use PTO if you cannot work remotely
  • IF you want to work remotely?  You have to be approved to do so in advance and have a doctor’s note saying you are able work at home
So let’s say I wake up one morning next feeling lousy with a ticklish throat, coughing, and have a low level fever [not over 100].   Usually I would go to work, but because I am listening to all the warnings and want to be prudent, I call out.  I didn’t plan to get sick, so I don’t have my laptop with me at home and I have to use PTO [being one of those lucky enough to work where I actually have paid time off ].  If I decide to stay isolated, is someone going to bring my laptop to me so I can work from home?  I rather doubt it!  Self quarantines are for 14 days from the onset of symptoms, and if you come down with COVID-19 after that [and good luck getting an actual test to confirm whether you have it or not], you can count on another two to three weeks to recuperate, so let’s say you’ll be out for five weeks.  Not many people have enough PTO to cover that, so you would have to go on leave without pay.  If you work for a company that has more than 50 employees, they have to provide FMLA so you can keep your job at least while you aren’t getting paid.  But how am I going to pay the bills that will come due at the end of the month – the vendors don’t care that I am quarantined, they just want their money.  It worries me far more than the lack of hand sanitizer availability!


Despite all the worry, Holi celebrations are bringing some fun to the day

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