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Day 24 - frustration

Today is the 3rd day of the 4th week, the 24th day of the 1st month, and the 24th day of 2023

And today I am in a complaining mood.  So if you are interested in reading a tale of frustration, read on!

It all began with a new doctor - an endroconolgist to take care of my out-of-control blood sugar.  During the course of the visit, he noted I was using the old Freestyle Libre sensor that did not allow reporting/checking by phone, and suggested that it would be simpler if I would switch to a Libre2 or Libre3.  No problem, says I, when this current sensor expires, I'll switch systems.

Week 1:  I call the doctor's office, and find out I have to go through their internal call center because this is a new prescription, not something I can order myself off the website as a refill.  Okay, I tell them that in six days my current sensor expires and ask if they would send a prescription for a new reader and sensors to the pharmacy.  No problem, I'm assured

Week 2: 
  1. I realize I haven't heard anything from the pharmacy about a pending prescription, so I call the call center again.  Again I request a new reader and sensors prescription.
  2. The next day I call, and this time I choose the option of leaving a messate, asking if the prescription[s] have been sent
Week 3:
  1. I call back, explain this is my third call trying to get this ordered and that my sensor has expired
  2. I get confirmation from the pharmacy that Libre3 sensors have been ordered
  3. I get a notice from the pharmacy that my insurance does not cover the prescription
  4. I check the formulary, then call back the call center.  My insurance will not cover Libre3, but they will cover Libre2
  5. I call the doctors and ask they change the prescription.
Week 4:
  1. I get a notice from the pharmacy that my prescription is ready to pick up.
  2. I call and verify the prescription - and it is Libre2 sensors - but no reader.   I do some research.  Yes I still need a reader to activate the sensors, after that I can use the phone app for reporting.  No, Libre2 sensors will not work with Libre readers like the one I have
  3. I call the pharmacist and explain I ws supposed to get a reader as well as the sensors.  The insurance company will not pay for a second reader.  How much is a reader if I pay for it?  $85.  I grumble, but tell the pharmacist I will pay cash for it and can I pick it up with the sensors?
  4. on Friday evening, after work, I go to pick up the reader and the sensors.  No charge for the sensors.  And no reader.  I tell them I need the reader and have agreed to pay cash since the insurance company turned it down.  They tell me it is $509.  After I pick up my jaw from the floor, I say I was told $85 and why the difference?  I am told I have to talk to the pharmacist
  5. on Saturday I call the pharmacy again and talk to the pharamcist on duty.  Their system says $509.  I have to talk to the other pharacist on Monday.
Week 5:
  1. Monday morning I call, get the pharmacist [altho not the one I originally spoke to] and explain the situation.  He checks and says the cost they were quating was actually for the 90 days of sensors, and confirms the reader will be around $85.  He runs it rhough and says it should be covered by my insurance.  Later I get a notice from the pharmacy saying there will be a delay because it is not in stock
  2. Tuesday afternoon, I get a notice from the pharmacy that my insurance company has refused the transaction.  OK, no surprise.  Then I look at the notice closely - it totals $509.  I go my account on the website - yup, they tried to order ANOTHER six sensors.  Of course the insurance turned them down, I couldn't even use them before they would expire!
  3. I call the pharmacy and get a very helpful lady, who listens patiently as I tell her the story.  Yup, they reordered sensors' she cancels that.  Then she confirms that the reader was indeed ordered, it will be $85 or so, and it has been back-ordered.  Later I get a notice saying my prescription would be delayed until the item is in stock again...
Meanwhile I am doing daily morning testing by finger prick.

(( to be continued... ))
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