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Banking on Tomorrow
"tomorrow is promised to no one"
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bleeding heart....

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Carol H Tucker

Passionate about knowledge management and organizational development, expert in loan servicing, virtual world denizen and community facilitator, and a DISNEY fan

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beladona Memorial

Be warned:in this very rich environment where you can immerse yourself so completely, your emotions will become engaged -- and not everyone is cognizant of that. Among the many excellent features of SL, there is no auto-return on hearts, so be wary of where your's wanders...

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Today is the 4th day of the 6th week, the 5th day of the 2nd month, the 36th day of 2020, and: 
  • Adlai Stevenson Day 
  • California Western Monarch Day
  • Disaster Day
  • Global School Play Day
  • Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, Pennsylvania Day
  • National Chocolate Fondue Day
  • National Fart Day
  • National Girls and Women in Sports Day
  • National Shower with a Friend Day
  • National Signing Day
  • National Weatherperson's Day
  • Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan (in Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Anglican Church in Japan) – A group of early Japanese Christians are killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society in
  • 1597
  • World Animal Reiki Day
  • World Nutella Day
  • World Read Aloud Day

1807 – HMS Blenheim and HMS Java disappear off the coast of Rodrigues.

1817 - 1st US gas co incorporated, Baltimore (coal gas for street lights)

1846 - "Oregon Spectator" is the first newspaper to be published on the West Coast

1850 - Adding machine employing depressible keys patented, New Paltz, NY

1852 – The New Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, opens to the public.

1861 - Kinematoscope patented by Coleman Sellers, Philadelphia

1869 – The largest alluvial gold nugget in history, called the "Welcome Stranger" (weighting 97.14kg) , is found in Moliagul, Victoria, Australia by John Deason and Richard Oates

1870 - the first motion picture shown to a theater audience, Philadelphia

1879 - Joseph Swan demonstrates light bulb using carbon glow

1887 - Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Otello" premieres at La Scala in Italy, Verdi's first new opera for over 15 years

1907 – Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland announces the creation of Bakelite, the world's first synthetic plastic.

1919 – Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D. W. Griffith launch United Artists.

1922 - Reader's Digest magazine first published

1924 – The Royal Greenwich Observatory begins broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal.

1931 - Maxine Dunlap becomes the first US women to earn a glider pilot license

1936 - "Modern Times", silent film directed by, written by and starring Charlie Chaplin, is released

1940 - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra record "Tuxedo Junction"

1944 - "Captain American" serial film premieres starring Dick Purcell, first appearance of a Marvel superhero outside a comic

1953 - "Peter Pan" by Walt Disney opens at Roxy Theater, NYC

1958 – A hydrogen bomb known as the Tybee Bomb is lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, never to be recovered.

1962 - the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all within 16 degrees

1963 - Maarten Schmidt discovers enormous red shifts in quasars

1963 - Soviet lunar probe failure

1967 - "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" premieres on CBS (later ABC, NBC)

1969 - US population reaches 200 million

1970 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

1971 – Apollo 14, the third US manned Moon expedition, lands near Fra Mauro Alan Shepard & Edward Mitchell (Apollo 14) walk on Moon for 4 hrs

1972 - US airlines begin mandatory inspection of passengers & baggage

1974 - Maximum speed on Autobahn reduced to 100 kph

1987 - the Dow Jones average closes above 2,200 for the first time

1987 - Soyuz TM-2 launches

1988 - the first prime-time wrestling match in 30 yrs - Andre the Giant beats Hulk Hogan

1994 - "Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego," debuts on Fox TV

2013 - The US Postal Service announces the cessation of Saturday first-class mail delivery from August 2013

2014 - Archaeologists decrypt the 13th C Viking jötunvillur runic code

2016 - Computer hackers try to steal 1 billion from Federal Reserve Bank of New York using Bangladesh banking codes, steal 81 million before a typo alerts authorities

2019 - China’s first science fiction blockbuster, “The Wandering Earth” premieres, directed by Frant Gwo, based on a story by Liu Cixin

2020 - NASA Voyager is 20 hrs 36 mins 03 secs of light-travel time from Earth


One of the highlights of Tangled, is the musical number I have a dream”, as the thugs and ne’er-do-wells in the pub express what they really would like to be or do.   The scene is worked for laughs as some of their aspirations are incongruous with their appearance, but I find it quite poignant.  So many of us end up in place other than we had thought we would!  When I got out of college, I was going to teach for a couple of years, then if I decided I didn’t have a talent and vocation in that direction, I was going to join the Peace Corps.  After working abroad for five or six years, I was going to return and join the State Department.  Although diplomacy was never my strong suit, I figured plain-talking would be valued somewhere….




At no point did I ever imagine myself working in banking for 35 years!
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